and LibreOffice
powerful and free office automation, an Open Source alternative to Microsoft Office, is rapidly growing acceptance in the world of office automation. Part of the reason for's success is that it is freely available. Version 2.0 of has an additional benefit: it supports the OpenDocument standard file formats defined by OASIS.

Openoffice has been recently incorporated into the project LibreOffice.

Those suites includes a word processor, a spreadsheet program, tools for graphics, charting, creating slideshows, image processing, web publishing and a relational database. and LibreOffice can be freely downloaded and it is available in many different languages.

Many of Ethea's products integrate the technology for the creation of electronic documents. All the data is available as documents that can be archived, sent via e-mail or converted to the Microsoft Office format. The concept of "printing" isn't restricted to paper output anymore. Instead, every piece of output can be archived electronically.


Here are some examples of documents generated by Ethea's products:

Match statistics generated by Basket Scouting:

A player's data sheet created by Sport Club Manager:
Scheda anagrafica

Ethea uses these Technnologies