Ethea's mission is to supply quality software products at affordable costs. Ethea owns an innovative technology (the InstantSolutions framework) that allows the creation of applications from scratch quickly and cheaply. Ethea's product list is bound to grow rapidly; this page summarizes the current offerings.

Put us to the test

Ethea is young but rapidly growing, so feel free to submit your needs to us if you can't find the right product. We will be able to give you a quotation as soon as possible and, more importantly, a prototype of the requested software without any charge!

If you are interested in this possibility, please contact us.

Basket Scouting

This is a software product for real-time scoring (directly from the field) of a basketball match. Now also available in Pro edition (which allows to manage both teams at once for each match).
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Sport Club Manager

The product for all Sport Club business needs.

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Global Selling Network

Created for  Merlin Wizard, this application allows you to manage your selling network, contacts, customers, contracts, payments, etc.


Created for Tecnimex, this product is based on a user interface highly simplified for ease of use. The application is used in laundries.

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