Kitto  is a development tool to create data-driven RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) withAjax features and a MVC structure. Project files are written using the Yaml notation, while the engine is fully developed in Delphi by Ethea and is fully extensible. Applications created with Kitto work with all databases supported by Delphi through ADO or DBExpress . The user interface is made with the ExtJS library.

Kitto is Open-Source on Git-Hub

We have released the full source code of the Kitto Engine under an Open Source license, plus a customized and enhanced version of ExtPascal.


InstantSolutions (ISF) is a framework for developing object-oriented business applications which are multi-user, multi-language and multi-database . ISF enables you to build and maintain sophisticated and complex applications in a rapid way. Applications built with ISF are database-agnostic. The advantages of a CASE tool without the limitations. ISF applications are 100% Delphi and as such can be customized in full.

EDW: Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

EDW is a tool designed to ease the creation of data management applications (such as Data Warehousing and ETL applications). An EDW application can import data from a large variety of different sources, manipulate them according to sophisticated business rules , and produce output reports of many kinds. Plus, EDW applications integrate features of data browsing, data-entry, multi-dimensional analysis , sophisticated role-base access control and a lot more. All this with the usual power and flexibility provided by Delphi!


InstantBDExpress is a component library that enables seamless migration of old BDE applications to the dbExpress technology. Through InstantBDExpress and our proven skills we can help you to get rid of the obsolete BDE technology easily and effectively. Without rewriting your applications.


October 2016: Ethea is Sponsor at ITDevCon 2016»

The ITDevCon is the event for all european Delphi developers. See you at Rome on 6th and 7th October. »

June 2016: Ethea is Gold Sponsor at Italian Delphi Day 2016»

The Italian DelphiDay is the event for all italian Delphi developers. Now in its 15th edition gives an overview of all the new features of Delphi 10.1 Berlin and much more.. »

Delphi 10 support in InstantBDExpress 2.0.5

The new version of InstantBDExpress (2.0.5) is released! Now it supports also Delphi 10.»

Support for Delphi 10 in Kitto

Added support for Delphi 10 in our development framework for Web applications.»

Released version 6.5.0 of InstantSolutions for Delphi 10

The new version 6.5.0 of InstantSolutions is available for download with Delphi 10 support.»

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